Avoidable Dangers In Your Home

Avoidable Dangers In Your Home

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Being careful about what your pet has access to in your home can help avoid unnecessary trips to the vet (and the associated costs), and may even save your pet’s life. So try to keep dangerous food and drink out of their reach. Your kitchen counter-top is no obstacle to most dogs and cats, so tidy away promptly after cooking and preparing food.


To help you out, we’ve listed some common toxic food and drink types to help you keep a safe environment for your animals:


  • Raisins, sultanas, currants and grapes: These can cause severe kidney failure in dogs. This also means they definitely shouldn’t eat any fruitcake, mince pies or hot-cross buns.


  • Chocolate and cocoa-containing goods. The higher the cocoa content of chocolate, the more dangerous it is. It can cause increased blood pressure and heart rate, seizures and death.


  • Alcohol including beer, wine, spirits, alcoholic chocolates, rum-soaked fruit puddings and Christmas cakes, deserts and even unbaked doughs that contain yeasts. Alcohol causes low blood sugar, low blood pressure, hypothermia, seizures, coma and even death. Avoid these at all costs!


  • Garlic and onions, and foods with these ingredients are especially dangerous to cats and can damage red blood cells and cause serious anaemia.


  • Leftover food: Not only are leftovers likely to contain ingredients that are toxic to pets, but any rich, fatty foods can cause gastro-enteritis or pancreatitis, which can be life-threatening. They are also a leading cause of pet obesity.


  • Bones are easily swallowed, and often not easily passed. They can cause obstructions and lacerations of the gastrointestinal system.


  • Xylitol, which is found in chewing gum, cakes and biscuits as a sugar replacement, is especially toxic for dogs. Even a small amount can cause fatal liver failure.


  • Nuts, such as peanuts and macadamias, can cause neuromuscular problems and vomiting and diarrhoea.


Quite the list to remember, right? And these are just examples of toxic food and drink. Keep an eye out for our blog on some of the more general items in your home that could harm your pets coming soon.


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