How to get your cat to drink more water

How to get your cat to drink more water

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A lot of cats don’t drink as much water as they should, and this can lead to bladder and kidney problems, as well as a range of other health problems. Getting cats to drink more water can be very frustrating, but here are our 10 tips for you to try.

  1. Change the water every day
  2. Clean the water bowls every day
  3. Offer bottled water instead of tap water
  4. Offer his/her favourite drinking vessel – if your cat likes to drink out of your water glass then leave some around the house intentionally (perhaps put a sticker on the bottom so you know which are the ‘cat glasses’).
  5. Run the tap several times a day if your cat likes to drink from a running tap.
  6. Get a water fountain. Cats often love running water, and will more readily drink from a moving water source.
  7. Offer multiple locations for water bowls, especially away from food bowls and litter trays. It’s obvious that a cat won’t like to drink water where it smells like kitty toilet. Cats also instinctually prefer not to have their water bowls near their food bowls because as a carnivore, their natural food (carcasses) would rot and contaminate a nearby water source, so it would be safer for them not to drink the water near a kill site. Clever kitties.
  8. Feed wet (tinned or sachets of food) or add water to their dry food.
  9. Try putting a few drops of milk in their water. Do not offer them unadulterated milk (cats are lactose intolerant), just enough to give it some flavour to increase interest.
  10. Add chicken broth ice cubes. Make up a jug of chicken broth (don’t add salt) and put the broth into ice trays. Pop one of these ice cubes into the water bowl each day and as it dissolves it will make the water taste like chicken broth. This could also be done with fish broth or any other favourites your cat has. Generally if it is safe for your cat to eat, it’s safe to flavour the water with, although you could check with your vet if you are unsure. Always have at least one bowl of plain water as an alternative to the flavoured water.

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