Life Lessons we can learn from Dogs

Life Lessons we can learn from Dogs

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Our furry companions stand by our side no matter what, learning a host of things from us in the process. But what we often forget is that there are a number of wonderful things we can learn from them too.

Here are a few life lessons we believe you can learn from your dogs. 

  1. Live in the moment

There is no past, present or future for dogs - they simply live in the now, and tackle everything as it happens. While this may not always seem possible for everything that we humans do, it’s ok now and then to focus on, and enjoy the present moment.

  1. Be Loyal

Loyalty isn’t always easy to come by these days, but it’s a trait that dogs seem to have in abundance – no matter what mood you (or they) are in.

  1. Exercise regularly

Even old dogs love a little walk around the block; a chance to get some fresh air and stretch their legs. Give it a try - it’s a great way to relax, keep healthy and spend quality time with your dog.

  1. Listen

We all love to multitask, often at the expense of the person talking to us. Dogs, however, seem patiently devoted to sitting and listening to what we have to say.

  1. Enjoying food

Dogs get so excited when it’s mealtime - every meal is an occasion! Some of us tend to rush through our meals without really enjoying it, and this is often the case over lunchtime at work, for example. Take the time to find joy in the food you’re eating, as well as the company you’re eating it with – even if that’s yourself. J 

  1. Enjoy the outdoors

Most dogs love the outdoors! Whether it’s just a walk in your own garden, sniffing in (and often digging up) the flowers, or running wild in the park, dogs relish each moment they spend outside. With technology demanding so much of our time and attention, it can be really refreshing to take a few moments (with our furry friends) to revel in nature.

  1. Play-time!

“When?” you ask. We know, things are hectic as they are. With the crazy schedules we keep today, it may seem impossible to find time to play – in whatever shape or form that comes. Somehow dogs always find time to frolic, and we gotta admit – it looks like fun. Try make a bit more time to do the things you love, and your dog will probably join you.

  1. Don't hold a grudge

Dogs don’t harbor resentment, even if you couldn’t make it for that evening walk. So why do humans hold grudges for small things like a friend cancelling on us? These feelings only weigh on our own shoulders, so we’d be better off just letting go.

  1. Make time to relax

There is probably nowhere in your home where your dog hasn’t napped. It can be tough to find that forty winks ourselves, but when we do, things always seem better. Put your feet up. It’s worth it.

  1. Show your loved ones you care.

When you walk through your front door your dog can’t contain their excitement. No matter how bad your day was, you know you can always come home to that furry friend who loves you unconditionally. We’re not necessarily suggesting that you slobber all over your loved ones, but it may go a long way to show them love in other ways.

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