Signs that your dog has Atopy

Signs that your dog has Atopy

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Atopy refers to non-specific skin allergies and is like the dog version of hay fever. When people’s immune systems get annoyed due to environmental allergens, we get hay fever symptoms. Similarly, when dogs’ immune systems get hyper-sensitised to allergens, they suffer from skin symptoms known as atopy.


Below are some of the main signs that may indicate your pet having atopy:


  • Licking their paws is an oft-ignored symptom people often attribute to habit. However, it’s more likely to be a symptom of itchiness, and is one of the most common symptoms of allergies.


  • Scratching and chewing at other areas of the body – this is another symptom of itchiness and/or allergies.


  • Recurrent inflamed and/or infected ears.


  • Red skin - especially on your pet’s paws, ears and trunk.


  • Recurrent skin infections, which usually manifest as little pustules (boils or white heads), papules (small red bumps) or circular areas of flaky skin (called epidermal collarettes).


  • A yeasty or ‘feety’ smell to your dog.


If you see that your pet is suffering from any of these symptoms, we’d recommend that you get them down to your local vet for a check up. They may suggest simple natural solutions (such as Omega-3 supplements), or more extreme ones such as injections or medication, to ease your pet’s discomfort.


To get a more in-depth understanding of atopy read this blog, or to read further about the various treatment options available, click here.


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