The Lulu & Robbie online store is officially open!

The Lulu & Robbie online store is officially open!

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We’re extremely excited to kickoff 2017 by officially opening our online store!


If you haven’t yet read about Lulu & Robbie you can see a bit more about who we are hereAll our garments are designed in collaboration with vets to ensure that each jacket has considered the needs of your pet carefully. If you’re interested in reading more about our vet click here. We’ve also got a great blog on why you should buy clothes for your pet here.


We’re opening our online store with four of our jackets: the Churchill Checked Jacket, the Cotton Fleece Jump Jacketthe Cotton Fleece Sweater and the Blueheart Tartan Jacket.


The Churchill Checked Jacket features checked cotton twill with antique pin corduroy, and a stitched in backpack. Corduroy is a good winter fabric as it absorbs and releases moisture easily, and is warm and durable. The patch on the back provides an additional layer of warmth where it’s needed most.


The Cotton Fleece Jacket features two layers of brushed cotton, which make this garment warm and comfortable without being bulky. Raw edges create a flat seam with less chafing. This jacket is fastened using two options, either studs or Velcro.


The Blueheart Tartan Jacket features Blueheart Tartan from Liberation Kilts. It is made of 100% pure new wool and is lined with British corduroy. It is our warmest and smartest jacket. A percentage of the profits from this jacket go to supporting the United Nations (UN) for Human Trafficking. See more info here.


At Lulu & Robbie, we have chosen only natural textiles for our range. Natural fabrics are functional, beautiful, durable, as well as healthier for your pets and better for the environment. We choose our fibres for what they bring to the party - wool for warming, cotton for cooling, bamboo for our medical range and ventile because it’s quiet as well as completely waterproof. We’re always on the lookout for fabrics that are organic and we love to work with suppliers who have the same ethos as us.


Working with vets gives our range an edge in terms of the practicality of our designs. We’ve learnt that there are a lot of reasons for pets to wear clothes, other than as a fashion accessory. Certain breeds are more susceptible to the cold, some need protection from heat and sunburn and some smell better when their coats are kept dry (which is not always easy in English weather). As our pets become integrated into our daily lives their clothes and bedding need to be practical (comfortable and washable) as well as stylish.


Visit our online store and browse through the gorgeous pictures of our jackets by clicking here.

Introducing Lulu & Robbie

Lulu & Robbie Cape Town

Lulu & Robbie is a gorgeous new range of clothing for your canine companion. We’re so excited about showing our fabulous new outfits!

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