Why buy clothes for your dog

Why buy clothes for your dog

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Whether you’re looking to buy a trendy, funky set of threads or a practical garment for your pooch, here are some reasons why this can be a very necessary purchase to help your pup keep healthy and comfy:

  • Keeping your dog warm in a cold climate. This is particularly important for: small breeds, who have a larger body surface area to weight ratio and lose more heat; and for breeds with thin or short coats; and breeds with low body fat content as they have less insulation against loss of body heat. Have a look at a greyhound on a drizzly winter’s day in the UK, and you’ll see a dog that would really rather be in front of the fireplace, but a snug coat will at least make a wee and a walk bearable.
  • Keeping your dog dry in wet weather. No need to say much more here.
  • Keeping your dog clean, and dry to help keep your home free of mud and more importantly the smell of wet dog.
  • Protect your dog from environmental allergens. Atopy (allergic skin disease) is one of the most common diseases vets see in practice, and providing a barrier to prevent contact with allergens can help to lower the allergen burden, and control symptoms.
  • UV protection. Protection from the sun’s potentially harmful ultraviolet radiation (even on cloudy days) is particularly important in white dogs, and dogs with thin coats. Yes, dogs get skin cancer too.
  • Protect your dog’s skin from injury. It’s not unusual for dogs to get scuffs and scrapes from brambles, nettles, barbed wire or even dog bites. I’ve seen more than a few dogs that have come off from a dog attack with barely a scratch because their coat took the brunt of the bite.
  • Coats can provide a sense of comfort for your dog. Dogs with anxieties and phobias can feel reassured by the gentle wrapping of a well fitted coat.
  • Visibility – high visibility colours, reflective strips or battery-powered lights help you to locate your dog in low-light conditions, and can allow cars to spot your pup in time to avoid a road traffic accident.
  • Protection of wounds – wounds on the trunk or neck can be protected from dirt and undesirable licking through the use of a shirt. This may spare you and your pooch the misery of the ‘cone of shame’. Low oxygen environments also stimulate healing of certain types of wounds. Please always speak to your vet to see if this is appropriate before deciding to remove the Elizabethan collar.
  • It’s fun and attractive. It’s fun to dress your pooch in something adorable or smart. It gladdens the heart to see them get excited at the brandishing of their coat because it means it’s time for an adventure, sniffing the ground and catching up on ‘Doggy Facebook’. And adding their own post, of course.

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