Frequently Asked Questions About Lulu & Robbie

Why Lulu & Robbie?

For those curious to know how we ended up calling ourselves Lulu & Robbie, Lulu is a nickname given to me by my Uncle David many years ago, and is what my family calls me to this day. Lulu Melon is my cousin Helen’s Jack Russell, pictured here as a puppy. She's beautiful, smart and funny ... I couldn't have chosen a better 'ambassadog' for my company. Robbie, also a Jack Russel, was my grandad's dog and the first dog we got to know. Thinking back to those days I now realise how long-suffering and gentle he was.

About the Blueheart tartan pet jacket:

What is the jacket made of?

The outer tartan layer of Lulu & Robbie’s ethical pet jackets is made from 100% Pure New Wool, woven in Scotland by Bute Fabrics Ltd, a recipient of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, the UK’s highest accolade for business success. This fabric is sustainably sourced and processed to ISO 14001 environmental standards. Jackets are lined with Brisbane Moss corduroy. Lulu & Robbie’s Blueheart dog jackets are made in the UK.

What does the Blueheart design signify?

Recorded in the official Scottish Register of Tartans, and designed for the United Nations International Blue Heart Campaign, the Blueheart tartan signifies the collective heartbeat of victims of human trafficking, and provides a simple yet empowering way to take a stand against this form of modern day slavery.

How will this pet jacket benefit my pet?

There are many good reasons for pets to wear appropriate clothing, other than as a fashion accessory. Certain breeds can be more susceptible to the cold, others need extra protection from the sun. It is also much better for animals - and owners - if coats are kept clean and dry. The right pet clothing can also protect your pet from UV radiation and environmental allergens.

Jackets can provide a sense of comfort for your pet, animals with anxieties and phobias can feel reassured by the gentle wrapping of a well-fitted coat. Clothing can also protect from injury, and can protect existing wounds while they heal. Jackets made by Lulu & Robbie are designed entirely with animal welfare in mind.

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Is wool a good material for my pet?

As a natural product, wool is hypoallergenic and ecologically sound; no toxic substances were used in the production of this fabric. The fabric is fire resistant and breathable, which is important since dogs do not perspire. Highly resistant to dust and grime, and extremely hard-wearing, due to the resilience of the nature fibre, wool offers lasting protection and comfort for active pets.

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How were vets involved in the design of this pet jacket?

In addition to being huge animal lovers, the founders of Lulu & Robbie have very close ties to the veterinary world. Official Lulu & Robbie blogger Dr Robyn Chandler is a certified practicing vet, and also happens to be the daughter of Lulu & Robbie’s founder. Vets are consulted and their feedback integrated into every aspect of clothing design, meaning that pet welfare is the foremost consideration every step of the way.

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How is this pet jacket different to what’s already on the market?

The founders of Lulu & Robbie noticed that while there’s a lot of pet clothing on the market, little is designed with the welfare of pets in mind. That’s why they started from scratch to design pet clothing with quality natural fabrics and expert tailoring, to keep your pets comfortable, dry and clean. Vets are consulted and their feedback used to influence every aspect of clothing design.

In addition, one of the four jacket styles currently on offer features the striking Blueheart tartan - the official tartan of the United Nations’ Blue Heart Campaign against human trafficking. Lulu & Robbie donate 20% of profits from the Blueheart range to the United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund for Victims of Trafficking in Persons, which supports charities around the world fighting modern-day slavery.  

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About Liberation Kilt Co:

Why is Liberation Kilt Co considered a social enterprise?

Liberation Kilt Company offers a unique collection of sustainably-made tartans symbolising progressive social causes, and donates 20% of its profits to like-minded NGOs. The company  is organised as a Public Benefit Corporation, a new kind of for-profit entity authorized to have a positive impact on society, workers, the community and the environment in addition to profit as its legally defined goal.

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About partnership with Lulu & Robbie:

How did the partnership come about?

Lulu & Robbie’s founder, Lee Mounter, first learned about the Blueheart tartan when she was reading an article by the Ethical Fashion Forum about their collaborative design project with Liberation Kilt Co and top UK textile programmes. Directed by Juliana Sissons, Fashion Designer-In-Residence at the V&A Museum, the ‘Rebel Tartan Project’ launched in Spring 2016 when 16 student teams designed collections of trafficking textiles complementing the Blueheart tartan. “I was captivated by the idea of textiles symbolising the big issues and giving people a new way to express their values, and so I approached Giles Jackson, co-founder of Liberation Kilt Co. He was delighted to collaborate with us and we have exciting plans for the future.”

Why is the Blueheart tartan of relevance to Lulu & Robbie?

Trafficking is a deeply dehumanising criminal activity which treats humans as nothing more than commodities to be bought and sold. “It goes without saying that pet owners are compassionate people who care deeply about human welfare too”, says Lee Mounter, Lulu & Robbie’s founder. “By adopting the Blueheart tartan they can take a stand against modern day slavery”.

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