Lulu puppy

On a personal note, the reason I started this business was purely instinctual. I had decided I needed change from the IT industry and was chatting to my daughter about going into pet clothing. She’s a vet and I was very interested in her perspective of the industry. We noticed that although there are a lot of lovely websites selling pet clothing few of them had much to offer using natural fabrics. Everything we discovered about fabrics confirmed we were on the mark to use natural ones and we also took on board everything the vets taught us about how and why pets wear clothes.

Owning a business is a very personal thing and businesses will always reflect the values and personality of the founder. I have a deep love of animals and I’m passionate about the change in the interactions between us and them. The increasing humanness of people is reflected in the increased humanisation of animals as we start understanding and trusting each other more. This is why animals are at the heart of our designs and why we strive to benefit animals in a broader sense.


While we understand profit is important for our sustainability it’s not the reason we’re in business. My hope is to create a company that benefits all we share this wonderful planet with, and that this will lead people to want to do business with us.